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Here at Hustle Paintball, we want to help you get from your seat to the field as quickly as possible, so we offer a variety of paintball marker kits. These all-inclusive packages include everything you need to play in one easy package delivered to your front door. These paintball gun packages include a paintball marker, CO2 or compressed air tank, hopper/loader and goggles. You will find packages ranging from our ever popular Tippman A-5 & X7 paintball marker packages to the Tiberius Arms Tac 8.1 player's packages. One of the most popular paintball marker kits is the Tippman A-5 paintball marker package. This kit includes the Tippman A-5 paintball marker, a paintball goggle kit, CO2 tank, harness and pods and remote coil. If you are looking for different paintball gun packages, we also offer kits that include Smart Part kits that also include markers, tanks and hoppers and so much more. Other paintball marker kits we carry include Tiberius, Kingman Spyder, Dye and Proto. The Tippman A-5 paintball marker package is a tournament grade marker that even includes a maintenance kit. The Proto line of markers are powerful enough to be used as tournament markers. But if you are not into tournament play, any of our packages will help you get started in the world of paintball. You'll have everything you need to get started on your soon-to-be addiction. These paintball gun packages come with everything you need to get started. From the base packages for recreational play to the faster tournament grade paintball guns, you will find a package that fits your needs and level of play. No matter what paintball gun packages you are looking for, we have a kit that will rock your world without splitting your wallet. Hustle Paintball is proud to be able to offer such a large selection on paintball gun packages at such a low rate. We understand that this sport can easily cost an arm and a leg and we want to ease the sting by offering low cost paintball marker kits that are delivered to your home easily and conveniently.

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