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Hustle Paintball has been serving the community for over 10 years. We are proud to get any and all of the paintball gear you need. Contact us today with any questions.

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Garrett on 11/3/2014
Thank you guys very much for everything. The customer service has been great. I did receive everything and everything is squared away. Will definitely be buying from you guys again. Thanks again!!

Melissa Thompson from CCM on 10/31/2014
You guys are awesome, Thank you!!
Everyone of our mutual customers I have talked to (including my little cousin) always have nothing but the best things to say about Hustle. For the greater good of our sport, I appreciate that more than I could ever say. I hope the rest of your day is wonderful! M

Chase Gomes on 102/29/2014
Hey! Omg that was awesome of you guys to do! I'm having like a happiness attack lol. It means so much to me to have you guys autograph a sticker and add some more. I'm so stoked about this you guys wouldn't believe! You guys are so awesome! Being fan of your guys YouTube channel this is like getting a celebrity's autograph. Thank you so much Chaz and all the guys! Hope You guys get to see this email.

Nestor Santos on 10/21/2014
How can I thank you I really appreciate it. That is why you guys are the best at what you do. And by the way love the reloads. Much love :)

Jacob Alderman on 10/7/2014
Thanks. I recently lost my local pro shop (owner retired) and the closest one is an hour from house. Having an online shop that feel like a local store is awesome! I love all the videos you guys do and it's nice to find a place I can business with players again. I appreciate you review my order personally it means a lot to me that you guys care that much.

Thanks again,

Alex Brownlee on 9/9/2014
Thank you for the notice and I received the tracking update today. I appreciate Hustle Paintball honoring the price, it is an amazing deal and am looking forward to getting the bag in. I have had nothing but great service from your company and will continue to purchase more items in the future from you.

Richard Lea on 9/8/2014
Dear Hustle paintball team, Here is a message from sunny old England across the pond. Now that Her Majesty's customs & excise pirates have released my two mystery boxes after I paid their ransom demands I am pleased to say that the boxes arrived in my possession today. I can confirm that everything arrived in tact and full working order. I commend your robots on their good choice of items (although they did forget to pack my geo 3.1 with IV core but I will email the robots separately to chastise them) This is just an email to say thank you that I had dropped you a couple of emails about my orders which were responded to with such speed and dedication I can see why Hustle are #1. Customer service at its finest is what I received. I look forward to hopefully buying more mystery boxes from you at the end of the month when my next pay check comes in (I spent this months playing the mayhem big game and preordering my diamond wars ticket & paint) I shall be rocking my hustle stickers on the car to inform the pansy soccer players to play a real sport.

Thanks You are the best

Richard Lea
Ark Angels paintball team

P.s. The squirrel tails are hilariously awesome :)

Casandra Bouchat-Laird on 9/4/2014
Best customer service I've ever had to deal with I had an order with a Jersey that was the most feminine on this site and would fit a size zero woman, however, you guys let me know that it was discontinued and offered to aid in finding a different one for me. I talked to AJ on your team, and he spent one whole afternoon looking on sister sites for a Jersey that was suitable for me. He found me the PERFECT one and ordered it for me at barely any extra cost over the initial Jersey that I wanted. A HUGE thanks to AJ and the entire Hustle Paintball company.

Josh Hopkins on 8/31/2014
Hi it's Josh Hopkins i ordered a marker,hopper and tank from you guys. I just wanted to let you know my hopper and tank have already arrived. I am very pleased with your speed and profesonalism (i think that's a word). I will definitely be back again and will also try and send more people your way. My marker looks to be scheduled for delivery this week so i will be on the field this next weekend! Your phone staff, is an awesome staff also I don't remember who helped me (horrible with names). But he sound very excited about his job which is a nice change from the usual mono toned sales pitch and was incredibly helpful. So keep up the good work and I will definitely be back with any of my paintballin" needs.
Very satisfied customer,

Robert Ureta on 8/27/2014
Ty i appreciate that yo (y) thats all i need for now but you will be hearing from me in future purchases! great staff and experience people like you guys is what keeps the customers supporting ! Much love n Respect from miami !

Danny Elliot on 8/27/2014
Thanks for the help I have no problem waiting for the pods to come in... by the way I love the youtube channel you guys do a awesome job keep it up! And the mystery boxes have been great I really enjoyed them so far, I have been in on both runs and got some really good stuff....seriously keep up the awesome customer service you guys are the best out there!

Robert Ureta on 8/25/2014
Tysm you guys are awesome never had such great service and updates on items. Keep it up mad love respect and support.

Kenneth on 8/18/2014
Great! Thank you, Ethan. Can't wait to receive my stuff earlier than expected thanks to you guys. Love you guys at Hustle and looking forward to doing business with you again in the future!

Jeffrey Maurer on 8/12/2014
That sort of customer service is exactly why I choose to shop with your site. Thank you so much Ethan, I really appreciate you caring about my business (a rarity these days I feel). I will be definitely be recommending your site to all of my friends!

Melanie Presley on 8/8/2014
You guys ROCK!!!!

Matthew Marocco on 8/8/2014
You guys are awesome love your videos!

Brandon Chance on 8/8/2014
I love you guys!! Thanks so much for being the best paintball company out there!!!!

Tyler Schurk on 8/5/2014
Thank you so much! Definitely recommending hustle paintball to my friends.

Aaron Quan Chan on 7/29/2014
You guys are excellent and have done a whole lot of good for the sport of paintball. I wouldn't know half the things I know if it wasn't for Hustle and your brutally honest reviews. Keep up the good work, and at some point I'd love to actually visit the showroom!

And for the record, its always a big deal to get an email reply from the President of a company, even over something that may be as trivial as my request. Including the fact that its you is also a big deal so I do appreciate the efforts and conviction you have towards customer service!

Keep up the good work, and thank you so much from a mostly newbie paintball player.

Aaron Quan Chan

William Banks on 7/28/2014
Thank you all for being a productive company I really appreciate all the care you and your employes put into customers I also wanted to say thank you to Ben and Alana for helping me with my air tank order the other day as well as keeping me informed on any status updates.

Mike Cannady on 7/21/2014
You and the company have been more than great to me. Again, thank you for being fantastic! You have a life long customer!!!

Nickolas Bovine on 7/22/2014
Your customer support is the BOMB! I will use you guys as an example to show my staff here in Bangkok!!! Thanks Again for the awesome customer support!!!!!

Chris Cordaro on 7/21/2014
Hello Ethan! Thank you so much for the free upgrade and personal email, I truly appreciate it. I just wanted to let you know that I was planning on ordering the exalt pants from ansgear.com but literally the second before I confirmed my order I remembered you guys from your YouTube videos. I've been playing paintball for a while but just recently found out of your channel/company and you guys seem like awesome dudes. Definitely got a new returning customer on your hands!

Robby on 7/17/2014
keep being awesome. This is a place that i love watching on YouTube as well as hope to visit some day in person. i'll make sure to bring beer all the way from PA. Awesome Idea with the Lootball boxes a little gamble for cool stuff is always fun. - Robby

Robert Hall on 7/17/2014
I do not have any suggestions for you guys and I think that hustle paintball the best place to shop online

Robert on 7/14/2014
I ordered a pathogen barrel kit and asked for apex barrel tips no realizing that the porting would be different. I called the guys at Hustle and they made it more than right. Thanks for keeping an old guy in game with his 18 yr old son. Can not say enough good about these guys.

Colin Gerl on 7/13/2014
The elbow pads arrived today and they are a good fit. Thank you all again for making this my best online ordering experience to date. You have gone above and beyond your call of duty and hustle paintball will now get my word of mouth advertising with stellar reviews. A bright light in a vast sea of darkness known as ordering paintball gear. Hustle above the competition, hustle beyond their capabilities. win win win.

Garret Smith on 7/11/2014
You guys are always there when I have a question and if I have any problems so thanks again you guys are the best!!!

Gabe Bierschenk on 7/10/2014
Thank you very much for all the help and all the outstanding videos. I really appreciate all the customer support and the help when I have questions about paintball. Keep up the outstanding work on the videos and thanks again for all the support!

Griffin Smith on 7/8/2014
Thank you so much for your help Ethan. Your customer service is phenomenal! That is the reason you guys are the only people I order from.

Anonymous on 7/8/2014
I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the company, I found you guys because of the YouTube videos and I couldn't be happy with my recent purchase definitely gonna be coming to you guys first for all my gear/ playing needs

Henry Carlo on 7/5/2014
Hush Bolt arrived!! Thank you very much!!!
You have done an excelent customer service! Thanks for the extras!
Another satisfied customer!!!

Troy Brown on 6/25/2014

I want to thank you guys at Hustle Paintball for the way you conduct your business. I realize that some items can be back ordered or even unavailable. You guys kept me informed and even offered to price match on substitute products. Tremendous company, will recommend Hustle Paintball to everyone.

Thank you, Troy Brown

Scott Lipiec on 6/24/2014
Also, your customer service makes everyone else look like a bunch of nerf herders. [Note from Ethan - Yes, we just had finished a conversation about how awesome Star Wars was....]

Paul Hinson (again) on 6/24/2014
You Rock! Can not thank you enough..but I will try. Well make my battle cry "Hustle Paintball, now Hustle Hustle!" As I clear the field of Infidels.

Thank you again and I will be sure to spread the love and review the barrel and experience with Hustle Paintball!

And who says Mondays does to bring great news!

Pete Ramirez on 6/23/2014
Excellent! I love the way you guys do business. Your customer service is some of the best I've seen. Thank you for your help Dustin.
Peter R.

Paul Hinson on 6/23/2014
That is great!! Thank you very much. Your customer support and communication is on point and it makes doing business with you easy. This experience could have gone south but Tony and yourself have been very forthcoming and informative.
Thank you and looking forward to seeing it ship and arrive!!
Have a great day

Darren matthews on 6/22/2014
I'm Darren Matthews other wise known as madhammster I play for the ark angels paintball team in the UK. I'm an emergency medical technician and love watching the reload on a Saturday morning while sitting on standby in my ambulance. They always give me a good laugh and its great to see the new products that are due to hit the uk.
Keep up the good work

Scott Hagen on 6/19/2014
I wanted to follow up on this. Until recently, I had been a director of business and merchandising in the consumer electronics retail business (brick and online) for a fortune 100 company for nearly 20 years. During this time we have been in large scale situations where we weren't able to get our customers what they originally ordered in the timeframe the expected.
How you handled this situation was absolutely best in class and what I would hope my teams in the past and in the future would do.

My son was delighted when he receive the replacements you recommended as well as the added bonus you provided.
You have us as customers for life!

Scott Hagen

Jeff Horner on 6/18/2014
You guys are defiantly the best paintball sight!! You keep me up to date on where it is and things in that nature, keep up the great work it shows that you guys really care!!!

James Duffney on 6/13/2014
Wow, that's awesome news. Thanks so much for getting that done for me. I honestly don't know of a better company than you guys over at Hustle. I had a box rotor on order for a long time but got a refund, now dye sent them to y'all! As soon as I get the money again I will be ordering it from y'all. I know they won't last long so I hope to order one soon. Sorry if I have been a pain in the A$$ for ya, but I really do appropriate all you have done for me and for the sport of paintball. Thanks

Patrick B on 6/12/2014
You guys literally are the sh*t! Hands down with no questions asked. You guys made my crappy day at work 1million times better. And i cant wait to get my new stuff! #HUSTLEPAINTBALLFORLIFE!

Patrick B

Matt on 6/12/2014
Hi Ethan,

Thanks so much, every little bit helps! Your company has, by far, the best customer service, and best social media presence, of any company I've dealt with. Maybe it's because you're a young entrepreneur with the desire for world domination, I don't know. Whatever it is, don't stop doing it. Also, keep on innovating, it'll keep you at the front of the pack.

All the best,

Mike Neo on 6/12/2014
Hey guys!
I just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome work you guys are doing!
I know you got a lot on your plate with the new building, but just so you know it was Your review of that barrel that convinced me to purchase!
I scanned the internet looking for just the right barrel and got wind of the deadly winds barrel, and when I watch your review I was sold!
You guys do such a good job on all of your vids and hope to see more in the future!
Mike Neo

Joel on 6/12/2014
Perfect, the payment should now be done! Once again thanks a lot for the great service! =)

Evan Rabidou on 6/12/2014
Ethan Hall,
Thank you very much for that. I must say the reason I always go with hustle paintball is your excellent customer service and the little things like this. Again thank you very much.
Evan Rabidou

Jesse Kunz on 6/11/2014
Bad ass man. Thanks for the clarification. Lola (my lv1) is doing great works like a dream thanks again to every one there at hustle for all the work you guys put in to the reloads, reviews, an the customer service you guys do a amazing job.

Steven Nichols on 6/11/2014
Thank you for contacting me about the issue. I understand the delay, and if at all possible, I would prefer to wait whatever unknown amount of time it will take for the black pods to be available again. Thanks again for the prompt notification and excellent service, it's what keeps me coming back.

Warren Matthew on 6/11/2014
Just wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond in providing me with excellent customer service during my last order. I received my Macdev Clone GTI yesterday.

G Sullivan on 5/6/2014
I just want to say thank you to Hustle Paint Ball for your professional and expertise. I first heard of you guys from a friend and he had a great experience buying from you guys and soon after I ordered the X7phenom, so when I wanted something different hustle paint ball was first on my list for shopping. Keep up the good work.

Anthony Linsley on 5/6/2014
u guys r the absolute best. great support. my faz mags were shipped today wasnt expecting to see them for another 2 weeks, just wana say thanks allot

Kyle Fort on 5/1/2014
Thanks for being so helpful and nice chris you and you fellow employees have made this shopping experience very enjoyable. I have taken the liberty to follow you fine gentlemen on both the youtubes and facebook. I hope you guys have a wonderful week!

Jericho Ryanisck on 5/1/2014
thank you so much, you guys are really one of the only store i have ever encountered that actually give a crap about the customers. i appreciate you more than you know for taking the time to do this. when it comes to paintball you guys of hustlepaintball/team anomaly are the people i look up too.

Matt Cavanaugh on 4/28/2014
Thank you very much for the upgrade on shipping! Your amazing customer service is the reason I have decided to use Hustle for all my paintball needs. I really appreciate the great customer service and the informative videos.
Matt Cavanaugh

Mike Toney on 4/22/2014
REALLY!?!?!? that is so incredibly awesome! thank you so much dude. i cant even tell you how happy that makes me. You have a very very awesome company man, i've gotta tell you, i've purchased ALOT of things on the internet before, from many many many different companies. and Hustle paintball has been the best by far. you guys are so down to earth, and just basically one of the bro's. i just wanted to let you know how appreciative i am and how much of a good job you guys do. thank you so much. I will always purchase my paintball goods from you.

Colton Messer on 4/24/2014
Thanks a lot Ethan. Hustle paintball rocks! I really wish you guys would come to Living Legends. Tell your guys thanks for all the advice on masks, and pods. Keep the great reviews and reloads coming!

Chvy67 on 4/16/2014
To everyone at Hustle Paintball, I would just like to thank all of you for what you do! Paintball has to be one of the best things I've ever gotten in to. I love watching your videos, especially the Hustle Reloads. And there needs to be WAY more CBTCs! Those are my absolute favorite videos. And a special shout out to Erik! You guys really give me a good laugh on almost every one of your videos and I love that. Again, thank you for keeping the sport going with such great cheer!

Michael Smith-Uffen on 4/14/2014
your focus on customer service, the layout of the site, and the reloads / reviews that you guys post are absolutely killer. Some combination of all of it (mainly the customer service) keeps me coming back to purchase. I can't think of any criticisms right now, but if I do, I'll fire you guys an email (and reference the survey so that it doesn't seem like hate mail).

Troy Collins on 4/11/2014
Hey guys,
I just got my order in today and I wanted to let you know it was perfect! It was everything I wanted exactly the way I wanted it. Thanks so much! You were all so helpful and kind and I seriously can't thank you enough. You guys are awesome!

Daniel Finn on 4/12/2014
I called you guys about a problem with a part. I was then walked through it by you guys, and now my gun that has been down for a month is working great. Thanks to Ben and all the guys at Hustle!

Nicholas de Gooijer on 4/9/2014
Hello, I have been looking at setting up an order for basically a full paintball package and was unsure of a few things, like which tank would work for my new marker, if certain parts would work together, and even if there was any way to get a discount with a larger order. I used the Live Chat Support and was helped by Ben. He had answers to all my questions, even a few suggestions for me. I was extremely satisfied with my service and would like to give Ben the recognition he deserves for a job well done. So thank you, and I will definitely be using Hustle Paintball more often now for my orders

John McFarlane on 4/8/2014
I was looking at your site to write a new ôedited" review after our conversation but there is no place for me to write a review nor does it show my review I previously wrote. Thought I would write it in an email and maybe you guys are allowed to paste it in there. Really cannot thank you enough for all your support and helping make this well beyond corrected and I stand corrected to the point that I WILL shop with you guys at Hustle Paintball again as there is no fear of being left behind after a purchase. I'm excited to play more and to know a company and staff as yours is behind the players in a way you are (pretty personal if you're calling and emailing to get in contact with a customer) makes it much easier for noobs such as myself to get in the sport and enjoy it! Again, you have made it MORE than correct by simply getting in contact with me to chat it out but the fact you went above and beyond the call by sending replacements is what makes me think Hustle Paintball for parts first.

John McFarlane

Rudy Rowland on 4/7/2014
Y'all guys rock!! To the 5th power!

Matthew Mueller on 4/7/2014
Just wanted to tell you that Hustle is awesome because you guys have the best YouTube channel and actually care about keeping the sport alive

Ben on 4/7/2014
I love the website. Just got back into the sport of paintball after 7 years of not playing. I will definitely be buying more stuff from you guys, especially without the long wait for shipping. Thanks again!

Alex Koval on 4/7/2014
The return won't be necessary, I had my girlfriend try them on and she loved them. What she didn't love was the answer to the question "What size are they?". Ha! She's a little lady and was shocked how small the larges were. Anyway your customer service is great and I wont shop anywhere else unless you are not holding the item I'm looking for. I used to shop at ansgear.com but they feel like a business, appose to hustlepaintball feeling like a group of paintballers who want to help the sport, and ansgear's customer service lacks the personal touch. As if they're only in it for the money and your in it for the sport/players. Anyway there's my two cents. Once again thank you for the support.

Jordan Sloane on 3/26/2014
Thank you.
You guys are awesome, I just got off the phone with Ben. The digital multi-cam was back-ordered so he mentioned an alternative V-cam. No problem. I have spent so much time watching your videos, I am just happy to place an order and hope to again. I love the Free shipping, it is often a determining factor. Thank you! Keep having fun, it shows.
Thanks for the speedy processing and shipping and upgrade. Note to self: Top of my list.


Troy Robinson on 3/26/2014
Hi Ben,
First, I'd like to say you guys seriously have the BEST customer service around.

Jared Short on 3/26/2014
Thanks for being so upfront, and the awesome response times. I wasn't really planning on ordering everything from you guys, but companies that do things right earn my business.
Thanks again!

wartelman on 3/26/2014
you guys are awesome. thanks for the support man i love this site better than any other web again thanks ..

Silas on 3/26/2014
Thanks again Ethan. You from Hustle makes difference in my life. thanks for everything!!!

John McKenzie on 3/25/2014
BTW, after I bought the SHP regulator from you guys I was scared crapless at the idea of switching out one regulator for another, but I watched one of the videos you guys did. Followed the instructions and it went fine and I had it done in no time.

Thanks for making such a video.

Jonathon Dever

Thanks for the email letting me know what's up! I had ordered some stuff from zephyr paintball and something happened to my order and the customer service was horrible. So i dropped my order with them and ordered from you guys. I talked to Ben first and he worked on my order with me to make sure I got what I wanted. Then you emailing keeping me updated I just want to give you and your team a huge complement, keep up the good work. You guys have all of my future paintball purchases!

Thanks again,
Jonathon Dever

Levi Pearson on 2/28/2014
Thank you sir. Payment sent. Seriously best online company I've ever dealt with. Can't thank you enough.

Michael Sareyani on 2/18/2014
Thanks Chris,

You guys really are the best, congrats on your move by the way. Do not become so big that you become evil like ANS gear.


Daniel Copp on 2/17/2014
You guys are already the best! Also, bust of luck to team anomaly this year!
Let everyone at hustle know they are doing an amazing job!

Billy on 2/3/2014
I just wanted to say you guys are awesome and i love watching your reloads!

Hunter Demers on 1/31/2014
So i just recently watched all the Hustle Reloads (took a week straight to watch all of them). Those videos have made me transfer all my shopping for paintball over to Hustle Paintball. You guys are awesome keep the videos coming!
-Hunter Demers

Abram Hecht on 1/31/2014
Hi Ethan,
Thanks so much for upgrading the shipping! I have never had a company do this out of the blue and it was quite a surprise! I will definitely be doing my paintball shopping with you guys from now on. Thanks again!

Ryan Elliott from Coal City, IL on 1/29/2014
Hello, my name is Ryan Elliott from Coal City, Illinois and I would just like to say thank you to the whole staff for making quality videos and being a great company. My house was damaged beyond repair in the Tornado that came through my town in November. I lost some belongings along with the house that I have lived in for the past 14 years. Seeing my house torn apart with walls and most of the roof missing, glass and insulation everywhere, 2x4's sticking through the walls from other houses as well as seeing most of my neighborhood turned into what looked like a war zone was very disheartening. Luckily almost everyone in my small town was helping in one way or another Watching your videos,whether it be reloads,gameplay, or even reviews on products i don't even own, has made this whole situation a lot better and has really helped me through this whole thing. Knowing that by the time paintball season starts my house will be under construction is also very pleasing because it will give me something to take my mind off of it. Unfortunately most of my gear was destroyed whether it was filled with insulation or, like my tank, fell from the second story on to the concrete after my back wall blew off. However once we get everything situated with the insurance company i will be ordering from Hustle for gear because you guys sell quality products without the shadiness or lack of interest that some other companies have. Hustle is a god among men when it comes to the other paintball retailers. You guys have a very positive work environment and always seem to have fun. I love how you always put the customer first and are always willing to help. Just keep doing what you are doing. Also if you could tell Dash "Go Hawks" as I am a huge Blackhawks fan and an avid hockey player. Thank you for reading, have a great day, and good luck with the move.

Clemie Jo Lamb on 1/15/2014
I want to say Thank You, Thank You for your top notch customer service. I ordered this mask for my son for Christmas. Your company called to let me know it would not get here in time for Christmas and continued to stay in touch with me regarding delivery. When I called to ask for overnight delivery, my request was handled with a friendly and accommodating service that I appreciated more than you can imagine. My son is very, very happy with his mask and I assure you that Hustle Paintball.Com will always be my go to source for paintball equipment. I knew nothing about paintballing and everyone has been very helpful and knowledgeable. When my son found out where I purchased the mask, his immediate comment was, "Mom, that's a great company! I look at their website all the time."

Thanks for making this mother look good when it came to surprising her son!
Clemie Jo Lamb

John Snail on 1/14/2014
Hey Ethan, this is John. I just want to thank you for upgrading my shipping for no charge. I don't know if you saw my order comment but just in case you didn't I just want to let you know how much I appreciate what you and everyone at hustle do. I watch all the reloads and I love every single one. You guys are awesome! It doesn't matter how bad of a day I could be having, I can always rely on your videos to brighten up the day. I could write a whole paper about how awesome you guys are but I know you are all very busy with moving buildings and all so I'll just end this here. Thank you, words can't describe how much I, as a customer and a fan, appreciate all that you do.

Tracy Fitz on 1/14/2014
Are you freakin kidding me? Where are your corporate offices located....heaven? Lol
Thank you thank you thank you.

wally on pbRIOT on 1/8/2014
You run the best company I've ever dealt with! Ive watched nearly all of your videos, and have learned so much from them! As a customer, I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the hard work you and the hustle staff does day in and day out!

Chan Elliot on YouTube on 1/3/2014
I'm sure you guys get these messages all the time and i doubt mine will be much different but I just want you guys to know that as a customer and an extreme fan that this is by far the coolest organization I have ever seen. If i wasn't 16 and didn't live on the east coast. I would volunteer, work for, or befriend you guys in an instant. Please don't stop making videos and it is a dream of mine to come out and meet/ play paintball with you guys.

Rohan from Kingston, WA on 1/2/2014
Hey this is Rohan again!

Thank you for all the support you have given me in my purchase! Just wanted to tell you guys that you are definitely my number one source for all my paintball equipment and you have given me the ability to play mag fed by including milsig products on your site for which I am eternally grateful! Your YouTube channel is the first place I go when I need to fix something with my gear or just learn something new about paintball!

Thank you so much for being awesome!


Brandyn Hernandez on 1/2/2014
Hello Hustle...people? I guess..hey! So, I couldn't figure out how to message you on your YouTube channel, but I wanted to try and contact all you guys. My name is Brandyn Hernandez, ive been playing paintball for about 5 years and am currently 17 years old. I love paintball, I seriously can never stop thinking about it!! Everytime im on YouTube, I always check Hustle's channel for videos to watch because you guys seem like..well, just like pretty cool people. One reason that im currently emailing you for is to say thanks for all the entertainment over 2013. You all do great work and, not only myself, but all of the paintball community thanks you. The second/main reason I was emailing you was for something more serious, in a way.

So, as I said, im currently 17 years old. I'm applying to colleges this year and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, which is pretty stressful! That's a reason I've always enjoyed playing paintball; no stress. So, I was just curious, in a few years, how would I be able to seriously work for you guys? I don't care if 1 just taping boxes in your shipping department or cutting Chromer's "hair." I wanna work in this amazing sport that I love! if moving down to you guys is SERIOUSLY an option...I honestly couldn't imagine anything better.

Well anyways guys, thanks for reading this! Really appreciate the great videos and keep it up for 2014.

Ethan Mooberry from Creve Coeur, IL on 12/30/2013
Mr. Hall,

Two things:

1. You guys have a kick ass YouTube channel that I watch all the time.
2. Your personal email update is a shining beacon of light in the forever dim tunnel that is customer service. Too many people have lost the personal touch to helping their customers. But I'm ecstatic to see that not ALL have lost it!

I really appreciate the heads up and also the shipping upgrade! This was my first purchase from your store and won't be the last. Keep up the great work!


Chris Dufreche from Dallas, TX on 12/18/2013

Thank YOU for the awesome customer service! I have to say that I have been very happy with the orders I have placed with you guys. Being a veteran player coming off of a ten-year hiatus from paintball its nice to see people and companies in the business like yourself. Its amazing how much the sport has matured.

I'm throwing together a team so we'll definitely keep you guys in mind when we are looking for gear, parts, and anything else we need! We're gearing up for some serious expansion once our social media goes live, so hopefully you'll see more of us soon!

Thanks again!

Chris Dufreche

Hunter Baskett
Hey guys!,
First off, you guys are what makes paintball great. Your videos are fantastic and I've learned so much from them. I only wish I lived in Colorado so I could work for such a great company. (I tried sending this to icanworkbetterthanchriscan@hustlepaintball.com... You got me.) I live in Oklahoma and in my area (Tulsa) paintball isn't really the biggest game around. In the manager at Coweta Paintball Complex and I just have a love for the sport. Unfortunately, not a lot of other people do, making it hard to be an avid "baller" lol. Anytime I need anything paintball I always check your site first, because I trust that whatever I order will be great. Your customer service is the best and I applaud you on that. You guys keep it personal and that is why ,I think, you do so well. Now, I don't know if I can work better than Chris can, but I would love to give it a shot lol. So just again, thank you for making the sport of paintball freaking awesome.

Loyal and ever so grateful customer,

Vicki Million
Thank you so much. I have never received such personalized customer service from a company. I can't thank you enough for calling me to help with my order rather than sending me a letter or email saying it's on back order and basically I'm out of luck. My husband and boys look for paintball stuff all the time and this was the first time ordering from your company. I guarantee we will be again. Again, thank you so much for your awesome customer service and I hope you have a great Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Joh Schwartz from YouTube on 12/16/13
Hey guys, my grandmother ordered from you for Christmas stuff and said your service was great, just wanted to say thanks

Reagan Chung from Oakland, CA on 12/13/13
Thank you to you guys for the awesome service. Best by far from anywhere I have purchased from. Tad bit shame you guys are all the way out there in Colorado or I'd like to visit in person. But the videos will do for now, heh.

Ryan Dunlop from Swartz Creek, MI on 12/11/2013
I just wanted to tell everyone at Hustle how amazing they are and thanks for getting my orders to me safely and quickly with no hassle also the Reloads are great keep them up.

Kevin Mills from Valparaiso, IN on 12/10/2013
Hey guys, well the title of the email says it all! You guys are amazing! i ordered a pathogen barrel kit and dye i4s from you guys and asked you guys to sign my barrel case and text me. AND YOU DID! and put it in the reload! That's just amazing to see from a company to interact with their customers, because a ton of companies say they value their customers but you guys show it! you all are a bunch of down to earth dudes who make some killer videos. ive watch ALL of hustle paintball videos and love every one of them. you guys definately get me through my days most days. i have been paintballing for 9 - 10 years now im 23 years old. i have an addiction with buying paintball markers no matter what they are lol. i currently own an 04' ICD BKO (wich is a massaive chafe of paintball marker project.) 07' smart parts shocker sft, phychoballistic silver bullet, ion, angel g7 fly, ego08 chronic edition, etek4 am, and an empire mini. its great to see guys who love the sport and love giving back. all my time playing paintball ive always wanted to work in the industry and find a way to give back, because i absolutely love the sport and would love for my life to revolve around it and the people who play it. its also great to see that you guys have found just the right mixture of having fun with doing one hell of a job while doing it, providing me with hours of laughs lol. if you guys need someone else around the shop! give me a hollahhh!! lol would love to work with awsome people and an awsome company! so thank you ethan, erik, russell, jay, dash, jeff, tony, ben, chris...even though ICanWorkBetterThanChrisCan!!! lolol keep up the good work, and ill be ordering more sh*t from you guys ^.^

Paul Jenney on 12/10/2013
My name is Paul, and I just watched your newest reload #45 I think. In it you guys mentioned a kid named Kyle Mcallister. He is actually one of my closest friends, and we paintball almost every weekend! Me and him are starting a team, and I am coaching him, he is a great kid, and it just really shows that you guys are just the best in the business!

Thank you sooo much for making his, and my night!

Thanks again!

Paul Jenney

Omar Fonseca from Los Angeles, CA on 12/4/2013
Hey Ethan, man bro thanks a whole lot! That was awesome of you to do so. I really appreciate your e-mail and I definitely will continue to shop from you guys. Not only did I find your service top notch... but your products and prices are great. And this gesture just takes it to a new level, I've never had any other company do anything like this for me. So thanks Ethan, bro I truly am grateful for your awesome services.

Regards, Omar

Ray Bjorn Andreasen from Belgium on 12/4/2013
Thanks for the assistance, Your customer service is something they should learn here in Europe to be honest.

Looking forward to play with my new gear in the new year !


Anonymous on 12/3/2013
I know I'm a little late, but I'm going to say it anyways, thank you for always being there guys, y'all are amazing and probably the best paintball company to date. You are the most supportive, caring, and helpful people and you will go through anything to help out somebody, and I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving and go shoot some people.

Steve Cockrum on 12/3/2013
I was super happy with the price on the tank, was going to buy from ansgear.com and had a fairly unfriendly experience with a live chat agent with them. Then check you guys out and found i saved 15$ off the fly will buy again.

Jordan Frazee on 11/27/2013

Shayne de Léséleuc from Georgia on 11/27/2013
I already left feedback through shopperapproved.com but figured I might as well send the email.

Hustle Paintball is in my honest opinion the best paintball store to buy from. They don't only have the best customer service around but also the best prices. They will also go above and beyond what is expected from a paintball store or any store for that matter. I highly urge everyone to deal with hustle, you wont regret it!

Shayne de Léséleuc

Anonymous on 11/25/2013
Thank you for offering assistance I am glad to say that I have never had such a good experience from an online retailer store such as Hustle Paintball. Keep up the good work, and thanks for everything!

Stephen Hudson on 11/19/2013
I'm new to paintball and had many questions about things. I contacted you guys through the live chat and three separate occasions I received excellent help and answers that went above and beyond what I needed and greatly furthered my knowledge of the sport. I did not know things I probably should have but the representatives were very patient and explained things to me. If I ever have a question about paintball I go right to Hustle Paintball

Josh Ohler from Gallatin, TN on 11/19/2013
Thank you very much Mr Ethan Hall. I appreciate it, and all the hours of entertainment your video channel provides! Keep on being cool.

Paintball Joshie.

Kelly Foss-Adamson from Oceanside, CA on 11/18/2013
Thank-you so much! It always warms my heart to have a company go above and beyond for the customer.

Kelly Foss-Adamson

Daryn Sharp from Philo, IL on 11/15/2013
Hi Ethan,

Thanks, I greatly appreciate the shipping upgrade! It'll probably be too cold to play next weekend but it'd be great to have new gear if I do.

BTW, I love your youtube videos. I frequent use them to influence purchase decisions. In fact, your dye elbow pad review sealed the deal on my purchase.


BlackSaruman on YouTube on 11/15/2013
Greetings from Puerto Rico!!! I always try to buy from you guys. You are the best !!!!! Excellent customer services, fast shipping and a extensive catalog of products. I would like to thank you for helping me growth in the game and finally be the player that I am.

Luis Peralta on 11/13/2013
Hey Ethan, thanks a lot. I heard you guys have great customer service so what why I made my order with you guys. Thanks a lot and you have a new customer for life.

Lorenzo Cassias on 11/11/2013
I came across you videos the other day on YouTube. I watched quite a few of them and found them to be extremely helpful. So I'd like to say thank you for posting them and providing a lot of useful information about different paintball topics.

Matt Cavanaugh from Blacksburg, VA on 11/8/2013
I wanted to thank you and all of your staff for the awesome customer service! I received my order yesterday (Thursday Nov. 7) just in time for my trip to the Fulda Gap scenario game this weekend. The website is great, the videos are very informative and humorous, but the customer service is lights out amazing. You will be getting all my paintball business from now on. Hopefully y'all can make some of the great paintball game on the east coast, like Castle Conquest and Fulda Gap. Once again thank you for the awesome customer service!

Thank you,

Alec Mileman on 11/8/2013
Ok thanks just a quick note I'm loving the YouTube videos.. Always been a fan you've given great advice and unbiased views as well you've sorted me from going from the invert mini to the etek to the etha and now to pump thanks very much I absolutely love you guys XD

Jeff Braden from Wesley Chapel, FL on 11/7/2013
Greetings Ethan/Hustle Paintball, Thank you very much for upgrading the shipping on my order! I just wanted to say that im a big fan of your tech/webishows on youtube. Keep them coming! I honestly can say watching your videos have brought me back to paintball again. So again thank you very very much for the shipping bump. have a great day! GO TEAM ANOMALY!!!

Anonymous on 11/7/2013
As always your customer service is absolutely unmatched. Keep this up I can easily buy the same products from badlands, actionvillage or ANS - but because you guys take the time to talk things out, and reply to YouTube questions so meticulously I choose you guys every time.

Shipitsyn Aleksandr from Russia on 11/5/2013
I got my parcel a few days ago, all the things in the parcel in place and undamaged. I would like to express my gratitude to you, thank you for helping me with my problem. Continue to make us happy by your videos. I'm sure what i'm using your services in the future.

Big thank everyone. Good luck and have a nice day!

Bennett on 10/31/2013
Ohh man i can't wait :). Just a bit of love mail.

You guys are the best i watch all the reloads. u do the best reviews and gameplay vids ever. You are also super nice people to deal with( much better than ****ty ansgear).
you also listen and answer little stupid random questions people ask you to do. i asked for something random drawn on my shipping box i got it and i still have the box. you also have a great inventory. But the people are super awesome and kind.


Mitchell on 10/30/2013
Fairly recently i discovered the Hustle Paintball YouTube channel, i subscribed and i am loving the videos you guys put out! Years ago i used to play paintball twice a week but when all my friends quit playing and i had nobody to go with i slowly stopped playing also. Recently your videos and your guys enthusiasm for the sport really got my hyped again for paintball! The way you guys seem to handle customer service is very refreshing. I think it was a recent Reload i saw Jason doing a voice mail to somebody and he said "we are out of the olive barrel swabs so we are sending two black ones" I thought "WOW this is a company i want to support" and from now on i will only shop at Hustle Paintball. I just thought i would let you guys know that i really appreciate what you guys are doing, and i wish you guys luck and continued success in the future. Thanks!

Michael Wheway from Clearwater, FL on 10/30/2013
Thank you for your fast response, I really appreciate it. It's not every day that I encounter good customer service, and based on just this limited interaction we've had so far, I would say that you provide superior customer service.

Thomas Leake from Belle, WV on 10/28/2013
I'll let you know right now you have a customer for life as long as I need paintball gear. My first time ordering from you all and my expectations have more than been met and exceeded. Thank you for the grease and shipping upgrade, I really appreciate any help offered at all. I'll be sure to let my friends know to order from you.

Thanks again,
Thomas Leake

Henry Wong from San Francisco, CA on 10/27/2013 - We don't always get it right the first time, but we make it right in the end!

When I first started watching the videos, I was thinking to myself "Okay, a bunch of paintballers acting weird". Then I decided to order a CCM T2 that they mentioned was on sale. Pink and white. Emailed them and they said it was sold even though their website said it was in stock. Blah. A few weeks later, I see the Watermelon T2. Place my order along with a Booby tank and I get an email saying the T2 was sold but then again the website was not updated. Really guys?

So after some emails, I decide on the Hulk T2. Sent me pix and it looked good with the Booby tank. The day I was scheduled to get the Hulk, they emailed me and said the Watermelon was available again due to situations with the buyer of the gun. Asked if I wanted it and I said HELL YES Sent me the gun and told me to send the Hulk back. They sent me the Watermelon first before I sent the Hulk. So what's my point? Of all the years I've played and ordered things online, I have NEVER dealt with such great customer service. EVER They didn't have to shoot me an email and they definitely didn't have to send me the gun prior to receiving the Hulk back. By far the BEST ever. Even though I have shops closer in CA, I will do my online business with the guys at Hustle Paintball

Grant Lamb from Twin Lake, MI on 10/24/2013
I don't know if you guys read these but I wanted to say that you're my new favorite paintball website. It sucked that you didn't have the sweatshirt I wanted but I don't think any other place would have called me and told me. Let alone give me 2 shirts for the price of the hoodie! Also I love the videos you guys post. Especially the reloads. Keep it up guys!

Gabriel Cavalle from Escondido, California on 10/22/2013 via snail mail
Dear Hustle Paintball Staff:
This letter is to say thank you for the wonderfully helpful customer service you have. Whenever I buy a paintball item, it is always from your guys' store. Even though I live out here in California, I know what great people I am dealing with through YouTube. You always keep your content up to date and upload on a regular basis. I commend you with all your efforts to stay in touch with customers and have them leave happy.

Thank you all out there in the warehouse for all your hard work in putting videos up on youtube and for your great customer service online. I hope to possibly play with you guys some day. Keep up the great work!

Chris from Canada on 10/16/2013
Hey hustle guys, I just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate all you do for us paintballers. For me being 13 all the little tips and gear reviews really help me a lot,and telling us what gear you guys use and why you use it really helps. I look forward to the reloads every week, and I soon hope to get into pump play. Thanks again

David Spear from Gainesville, FL on 10/16/2013
Hi Ethan,
I'm new to paintball and placed the order below for my first marker. When I took the new gear out to my field I experienced a significant leak and was extremely disappointed. I spoke with one of your representatives who referred me to GOG directly and, unfortunately, did not get a reasonable resolution from them. When I called back to Hustle, I was connected with Ben who identified the issue, developed a plan of action, and immediately put it in place. His quick action will have me back on the field way sooner than I expected.

The professionalism and courtesy he demonstrated gives me great confidence in your organization and I will certainly be coming to Hustle for all future paintball related purchases.

Thanks for assembling a great team!

Below this line, we didn't keep track of the dates, but they came in so frequently, that we decided to start putting the dates on

Alex Jorge from NY, NY
I want to thank you so much for everything you have done to help me get the thing I ordered in time for this weekend. I really appreciate it. I want to once again thank you for all you have doe to assist me with this order. I will definitely be making my future paintball purchases with you guys! There's something to be said for good customer service! Thanks dude and have a great day.

Patrick A Hillman
i just wanted to let you guys know i will be ordering all of my new gear as i get back into the sport of paintball from you guys! the cause of this is because of the reloaded videos which are FANTASTIC, love seeing behind the scenes videos and seeing what goes on at places like this and not many people do it. so thank you! for the videos and i will be seeing you in a couple of months when i get home from my deployment and pick the sport back up!

Mark Hamilton from Blacklick, OH
On a side note--I'd like to personally thank Hustle for their years (and countless hours) dedicated to producing high-quality product reviews, viewable on HustlePaintball.com or YouTube. These in-depth reviews have made a substantial difference in my purchasing decisions over the last 12 months and, as a consumer who seeks to make wise investments with financial resources, I can't thank your team enough for their dedication to detail, lack of sales pitches, and discerning reviews.

Adamo Berto from Canada
I just wanted to say THAT I LOVE YOUR RELOADS AND YOU GUYS AS WELL I live in Canada and if I come to Colorado, I will be sure to stop by your store.

Jeff Horner from Wrightstown, NJ
Hey Ethan thanks so much. You guys are by far the best paintball site. Thanks for the heads up and keep the great work up!

Joshua Sholes from Oceanside, CA
And now for a little opinion time. This email chain is the reason why I've decided to make your company my sole provider of paintball products. You're upfront, honest, and it reflects on your staff. You guys legitimately support of the sport, both in physical presence and online media. Keep up the good work. And if you're ever in southern California, stop by the Camp Pendleton Paintball Park and we'll trade paint, or at least until I PCS in March. :-D

Thanks again!

Kathy from New Paltz, NY
Thank you for the best customer service i have had from paintball websites.

Matthew Bishop from Baltic, CT
Just letting you guys know you are the best I'm customer service. I called your company before I placed my order with a question and your staff was extremely informative. I am a milsim player who served in the military and I appreciate the honest answers your staff gives me about things they do or do not know. I have ordered about 98% of paintball products that from your company and the 2% that I have not ordered from your company have been garbage. You guys are by far the best with tons of videos on your products. Keep up the good work guys.

Josh Reed from Rome, NY
DONT CHANGE A THING Your youtube videos are great and helpful, customer service rocks, and its a very easy website to manage You guys are the best. -Josh R.

Jackson Kemper from Leesburg, VA
Hi. My name is Jackson. I am 14 years old and I live in northern Virginia. I have been watching your videos for a while and finally decided to place my first order. The whole process was made so much easier with your awesome videos. They are entertaining and informative at the same time. Unfortunately some of the stuff I ordered you guys don't have in stock but you called me and you guys helped me out. I have never experienced such great customer service. I just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate what you do and that your awesome.

Steve Tom from Huntington Beach, CA
This isn't really a question about my order but I wanted to comment on the excellent customer service I've received. Last week I spoke to someone regarding some items on back order and he was extremely helpful suggesting replacement items to match what I had originally picked. Unfortunately I do not remember who I spoke with. I called today to double check the status of my missing item and spoke with Russell and he was extremely helpful as well. Thanks again for the great customer service and I will be referring everyone to Hustle Paintball for online purchases in the future.

Troy Nelson from Palmyra, MO
I appreciate ALL the professionalism regarding the status of my order/all the insights. Thank you personally and I would like to give HUMONGOUS PRAISE to Jeff who helped me the other day and to thank Russel who helped my mother with the order this morning. Hustle Paintball is AWESOME!!!

Matthew Peabody from CO Springs, CO
Hello this email is about any order but just wanted to say how completely awesome you guys are. I'm Deployed at the moment and have made a purchase. You helped out great even though I didn't have a phone. You have amazing customer service and I can always enjoy browsing the website off here. I always end up buying something. But i just wanted to drop the email for you guys, keep up the amazing work. I can't wait to get back out on the field. You all have a great day.

John McKenzie from Nova Scotia, Canada
Every customer service book and training course can be summarized by what you do. Congratulations, you just unemployed hundreds of customer service consultants! Jerk! :-) If I have to resort to ordering from outside the country there is no question I definitely go to Hustle Paintball first. Also, any American friends I met online who play I will send them your way for sure.