Compressed Air Tanks

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One of the most common questions beginning players ask is the difference between using Compressed Air (also referred to as Nitro, Nitrogen, N2, HPA or High Pressure Air) and CO2 paintball tanks. In a nutshell, both provide pressure for a paintball marker to cycle and propel the paintball. However, both work on a different prInciple and sometimes only one can be used.

Compressed Air came onto the scene, offering more consistency and reliability in an air source. Rather than filling the tank with liquid, they are pressurized up to the tank's capacity of 3000psi or 4500psi. The pressure is then regulated through the tank's regulator on the way into your gun. The beauty of HPA is that the pressure is much more stable than CO2, and changes due to shooting fast or playing in cold weather are barely noticeable. Today's electropneumatic markers were designed with these tanks in mind.

HPA is the better investment in the long run. The benefits over CO2 in all-weather performance are well worth the additional cost. A HPA tank is also a piece of equipment that can transfer to any marker you upgrade to in the future.

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CO2 vs Compressed Air (N2/HPA)

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